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How to Hire an All-Star

In this age of constant turnover, quiet quitting, and low employee engagement, hiring the right candidate who will help your organization achieve its vision is more important than ever. Following conventional wisdom for putting together a job description, posting it, and interviewing who responds is unlikely to lead to gaining all-star employees. If you want to build a high-trust, high-performance team, you’ll need to break the mold.


Drawing on decades of executive leadership, John Barcanic will show you how find the ideal candidate for your organization.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Utilize the 4 hiring stages to add all-stars to your team.

  • Excite candidates about how their role will help the organization achieve its vision.

  • Recognize the features of an ideal candidate and why each is essential.

  • Implement a process that consistently finds ideal candidates.

  • Make confident, evidence-based hiring decisions that result in new hires that fit and are ready to commit for the long-term.

Accelerate Your Success

Are you achieving your objectives like clockwork? Do you ever feel like everyone is busy, but you’re not accomplishing what you’d like? Doing what you’ve always done won’t give you the traction to break out of the doldrums. You need a new way of thinking and a new set of habits. In this practical workshop, executive consultant John Barcanic will give you the tools to help you accelerate your success.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Three common practices that will always hold you back.

  • The one habit that will help you consistently accomplish your goals.

  • A simple tool that will keep everyone on track.

  • How to align your team to achieve focused results.

  • What to do when you are good and truly stuck.

How to Save $50,000

What if you could save your business $50,000 this year? Low employee engagement and high turnover costs companies tens of thousands of dollars every year. Simply replacing one worker often costs as much as their annual salary and benefits package. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Making just a few critical changes can increase productivity, decrease turnover, and improve your bottom line. Speaker, coach, and consultant John Barcanic will show you how in this important workshop.

You’ll discover how to:

•    The common reason most employees leave.
•    Who is responsible for low employee engagement and what can be done about it.
•    One simple action that will ensure quiet quitting never happens in your organization.
•    Why some workplaces seem to keep their employees forever and others are a revolving door.
•    One shift in perspective that can improve productivity almost immediately.


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