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Proven strategies to navigate past the four barriers to growth ...

Ignite Your Business

A healthy business requires a regular flow of revenue. But sometimes it can feel like all the cash is dammed up somewhere “upriver” and never arrives at your business. How can you generate a steady influx of new customers to ensure your business has the resources it needs?

Anxiety and uncertainty are natural when you’re not sure where your next customer will come from. But you don’t need to accept the status quo. Great businesses like yours deserve great customers. Ignite Your Business provides a dependable blueprint for busting the cash dam.

In the six-month Ignite Your Business program you will:

  • Get clear on the purpose for your business. People who resonate with your purpose will become customers.

  • Identify the specific problems you solve and the needs you meet for your customers.

  • Provide products and services that meet the customer’s needs so well they can’t help telling others about you.

  • Demonstrate to potential customers how you solve their problems in ways that will thrill and delight them.

  • Move beyond transactional sales to collaborate with your customers.

  • Mobilize your delighted customers to tell your story to others.



Stop worrying about the future and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a steady stream of new business.



Solutions for all seasons ...



Leadership can be complicated. The higher you rise the more responsibility and less oversight you have. You now set the long-term goals. You choose the priorities. You need to get things done. Day-to-day accountability is a thing of the past. Now it’s all on your shoulders.


But no pressure, right?

The Starters' Circle

Starting your own business can be a hard and lonely existence. Not many people understand what you do, much less what it takes to make it happen. In The Starters’ Circle you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate the unique challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. And are willing to share their success with you.

How to Hire an All-Star

In this age of constant turnover, quiet quitting, and low employee engagement, hiring the right candidate to help your business achieve its vision is more important than ever. But finding exceptional employees who fit your business can be difficult.

Executive Coaching

Many business owners struggle to transition from doing the work to leading the work. While anyone can be the boss, truly effective leaders are hard to find. It’s difficult to make decisions in the midst of uncertainty, unite your team in the midst of conflict, and empower others in the midst of change. Confusion and frustration aren’t uncommon.

Meeting one-on-one with an experienced, trusted advisor will help you level up your leadership. We’ve equipped leaders on six continents to increase their impact and influence.

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