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The Overlooked Secret to Raising Employee Engagement

Remember high school algebra? Did you enjoy it? How much of what you learned do you still use today?

I remember very clearly when I checked out of higher math. It was the moment "X" was still left in the answer. As much as I questioned how this could really be an answer, the teacher could never explain how this would be helpful in life.

Now I'm sure there are scientists and engineers and others that use this type of thing all the time. But for most of us, we were left wondering what difference it made.

How often does your job feel like high school algebra? How often do you, or those you lead, wonder what difference it makes? Unless the answer is "never" you likely have an employee engagement problem.

Engage your employees

Let me tell you a secret. There's a relatively simple, often overlooked way to raise engagement. It doesn't involve studies, surveys, or revamping your entire management system. It's just this: connect the dots between the everyday tasks your team members accomplish and the larger purpose they impact.

Humans want to be part of something bigger than themselves. We want to live on purpose, knowing that our lives count for something. If we're going to spend a third, or more, of our lives at work, we want to know that we're achieving something that matters.

Of course, this requires that you know three things: the purpose of your team or organization, the tasks your team needs to accomplish, and how they connect. You can't inspire your team if you can't make the connection yourself.

So, how does staring at a spreadsheet, cataloging patient files, entering data, making a cold call, sitting in another meeting, writing a report (will it even be read?), or whatever is on your plate today make a difference? Is every team member you lead able to connect the dots? If not, helping them do so may just be the most important thing you tackle today.

If you'd like help connecting the dots between your team's tasks and the organization's purpose, I'd love to help. Just click here to schedule a call.

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