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Healthy organizations.
People-centered leaders.
High-performance teams.

Get a plan to make it happen.

The Stakes Are High
  • Poor leadership costs US organizations $550 billion every year.

  • Disengaged employees cost companies around the world $7.8 trillion last year.

  • Losing one employee can cost 100%-200% of their annual salary.

  • Inefficient ways of working cost companies 20-30% of their revenue.

  • Work related stress costs organizations $300 billion each year.

Surprisingly few businesses have a clear and compelling vision, a strategy that is more than a list of good ideas, and leaders that build high-trust, high-performance teams. And even fewer have any way of measuring and improving these areas.

But is doesn't have to be that way. You can ...
  • Increase revenue while decreasing costs.

  • Increase productivity while decreasing turnover.

  • Increase job satisfaction while decreasing stress.

Your organization is like a body with five interdependent parts.

Each part needs to be healthy and strong for you to grow and produce results.

Vision: Eyes

A vivid, compelling vision inspires and aligns team members to the purpose and direction of the organization.

Leadership: Brain

People-centered leaders galvanize teams to produce exceptional results.

Culture: Heart

A culture of caring and excellence empowers everyone in the organization to perform at peak levels.

Strategy: Nerves

A clear, cohesive strategy ties each part of the organization to the vision and to one another.

Teams: Hands

High-trust, high-performance teams execute in ways that provide lasting value for stakeholders.

Engage a consultant with experience in the trenches.

  • 20 years of experience growing healthy organizations.

  • 15 years helping top leaders elevate their game.

  • 97% of clients have been satisfied with their return on investment in consulting.

"If you're looking for creative consultation on how to become a better leader, John is the guy to go to. John has great knowledge in personality, leadership styles, and more, and is a pleasant guy to top it off!"

Ryan Egan, Owner, Queen City Balloon Bar

Your 3-step plan for growing a healthy organization:


Take a comprehensive


For just $249 you will receive an analysis of each part of your organization. Included in the cost is a free one-hour coaching session with John to review the results.


Get a

Personalized Plan

Identify what’s most important right now and how it will be achieved. Establish what needs to be done, by when, and who will accomplish it.



Your Organization.

Communicate a compelling vision. Engage the hearts and minds of team members. Elevate the level of your leadership team. Watch your results consistently improve.

Let's Get Started
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