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You started your business to have a better life.
What's standing in your way?

We guide business owners past their challenges to the "X" that marks the spot of their success

The Stakes Are High

Less than a third of small businesses are profitable every year.


The number one challenge business owners face is finding and keeping quality employees.


Barely half of new businesses survive to see year five.

You no longer have to worry about running aground.

•    Wondering if your business will thrive when you take time off.
•    Struggling with the chaos of the start-up phase.
•    Trying to recapture the success of yesterday.
•    Straining to raise morale, productivity, and employee engagement.
•    Dreading the next time an employee has to be replaced.
•    Anxious about cashflow.
•    Operating in a fog.


Leader with Team.jpeg

We help you ...

  • Make quality decisions.

  • Streamline operations.

  • Manage employees.

  • Attract loyal customers.

  • Increase revenue.

  • Create a strategy.

  • Grow your business.

Your 3-step plan for growing a healthy business:


Assess Your Needs


Create a plan


Accelerate Your Growth

Our unique assessment looks at the key aspects of your business to identify areas of strength and those that present a challenge.

We'll work with you to create a customized plan to navigate past the challenges you face.

We can sail with you, accelerating your progress to the 'X' that marks the spot of your success.

Engage a consultant with experience in the trenches.

John understands the difficulty of navigating past your challenges. He's experienced first-hand the frustration and complexity involved.

He has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, and national leaders navigate the journey safely and confidently, enjoying peace of mind as they journey to success.

"If you're looking for creative consultation on how to become a better leader, John is the guy to go to. John has great knowledge in personality, leadership styles, and more, and is a pleasant guy to top it off!"

Ryan Egan, Owner, Queen City Balloon Bar

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Enjoy a taste of what we offer.

Download our PDF guide 10 Tips to Achieve Your Top Priorities for free.

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