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How do you achieve excellence in the face of adversity?

Get a practical, personalized plan to increase the quality and consistency of your results.

One in five small businesses fail in the first 12 months. About half have disappeared within the first five years.

Surprisingly few businesses have a clear and compelling vision, strategy that is more than a list of good ideas, and leaders that build high-trust, high-performance teams. And even fewer have any way of measuring and improving these areas.

But you don't need to wonder if you're on the right track.
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Organizations that thrive in adversity

embrace courage, ensure clarity, and empower connection.

Embrace Courage.

High-trust, high performance teams hold one another accountable for results and engage in the uncomfortable but necessary conversations that lead to alignment.

Ensure Clarity.

The vision is vivid and inspiring. The strategy and values are clear and ingrained in day-to-day work. Measures of success or failure are understood and implemented at every level.

Empower Connection.

Team members are connected to one another and the purpose of the organization. They understand how their day-to-day actions help achieve the vision.

When you're operating with courage, clarity, and connection, you can be confident that you're headed on the track to success.

When it feels like everything is going sideways...

John Barcanic has been there. He’s absorbed the hits, landed on the mat, and learned how to get back in the fight. He’s faced down debilitating fear. He’s led his teams to thrive amid chaos and uncertainty. And he’s helped leaders all over the world do the same.

"If you're looking for creative consultation on how to become a better leader, John is the guy to go to. John has great knowledge in personality, leadership styles, and more, and is a pleasant guy to top it off!"

Ryan Egan, Owner, Queen City Balloon Bar

Your 3-step plan for achieving excellence in the face of adversity:


Get an Honest Assessment


Create a Plan


Transform Your Work

Receive an in-depth assessment of the health of your organization or the impact of your leadership. A one-hour coaching session to review the results is included.

Work with John to develop a practical plan to optimize your organization and elevate your leadership effectiveness.

With a plan in place and help that’s there when you need it, you'll improve both the consistency and excellence of your results.

Let's Get Started
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Improve Your Small Business Today

Sign up for your free Rally Your Troops three lesson mini course and discover practical actions you can take today to improve your business.

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