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John helps you elevate your leadership.

An engaging storyteller, John’s no-hype, conversational style connects inspiration with practical ideas you can implement immediately. His proven approach provides battle-tested principles that get you above the fray to chart a way forward.

John has spoken for international conferences, corporate events, university forums, and executive retreats. Audiences of 25 to 2500 have benefited from his insightful, applicable teaching.

John Barcanic's Speaker Reel

“John has the rare combination of deep knowledge, experience, and understanding with seemingly effortless connection and relatability. That means it’s not just good, but also that it’s memorable and it sticks.”

~Jesse Hallock, Co-founder of Arabona Coaching and Training

“We were so pleased with John’s speaking we’ve invited him back three times!”

~North Park University, Chicago, Illinois

“John has a unique gift that allows him to make the teaching immediately practical and applicable to the hearers.”

~Tom Kraeuter, author and speaker

"I attended one of John’s workshops and not only was it good for me personally but was an amazing catalyst for transformational change for our group. I am grateful for John’s ability to connect content, people, and change and deliver that in a way that is clear, simple and impactful. Thanks John! Highly recommend!"

~Kyle Osborne, Director of Financial Literacy, TS Bank

Speaking Programs

Each of John’s signature programs is highly customized and can be delivered as a captivating keynote (30-75 minutes), an interactive workshop (2-4 hours), or a full-day training (6-8 hours).

How to Lead So People Will Follow

Many people mistake a job title for leadership. But while anyone can be a boss, effective leadership is nothing more or less than the ability to influence others. And it requires an entirely different way of thinking. Regardless of your position, you can develop the knowledge and skills to lead well. Based on three decades of experience training leaders on six continents, executive coach and consultant John Barcanic will share how to move beyond work as usual to cultivate the mindset and habits necessary to lead so people will follow.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Make the six paradigms shifts that lead to effective leadership.

  • Implement the strategies of top leaders in the fields of business, religion, and athletics whose work has changed thousands of lives.

  • Avoid the single greatest mistake that keeps people from following you.

  • Identify and nurture leadership potential in others.

  • Multiply your influence and impact.

Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Your team members are facing stress in epic proportions. Piling on to their usual burdens are concerns about the increasingly rapid rate of change, financial constraints, and global uncertainty. Executive coach and consultant John Barcanic will show you how to turn stress into an opportunity to build resilience, trust, and capacity.​

You’ll discover how to:

  • Answer the six key questions that determine whether stress catalyzes growth or drags you down.

  • Practice the crucial shift in perspective that releases creativity and propels momentum.

  • Avoid the one mistake that is certain to keep you from success.

  • Create vital connections to strengthen your resistance to stress.

The Transforming Power of Connection

To succeed in today's challenging environment, team members need to be connected to the company and each other. Unfortunately, few leaders ensure these connections are made and maintained. Discouragement, negativity, low productivity, and poor quality are the result. Drawing on decades of executive leadership, John Barcanic will show you how making vital connections can transform your organization.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Make the three connections necessary for workplace success.

  • Increase energy, trust, and the quality of your team's results.

  • Decrease drama, turnover, and conflict.

  • Raise the level of team members' engagement and commitment.

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