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Executive leadership can be overwhelming and confusing.

Get a 5-step roadmap to becoming a healthy, productive organization.

The Stakes Are High

  • Employees who are not engaged cost companies around the world $7.8 trillion last year.

  • The cost of losing one employee can be 100% to 200% of their annual salary.

  • Inefficient ways of working cost you 20-30% of your revenue.

  • Work related stress costs organizations $300 billion each year.

But you can thrive.

Your organization is like a body with five interdependent parts.

Each part needs to be healthy and strong for you to grow and produce results.

JB Biz Body Analogy_edited.png

Finance and Cashflow: Heart

Provide all parts of your organization the resources they need to thrive.

Operations: Bones

Ensure your systems and structures provide connection and a firm foundation.

Leadership: Brain

Give your organization the purpose and direction it needs to grow.

Products and Services: Hands

Supply high-quality products and services that meet the real needs of those you serve.

Sales and Marketing: Feet

Grow the strength of your organization’s ability to reach more people more effectively.

Engage a consultant with experience in the trenches.
  • 20 years of executive leadership experience.

  • 97% of clients have been satisfied with their return on investment in consulting.

  • 15 years helping others to elevate their leadership.

"If you're looking for creative consultation on how to become a better leader John is the guy to go to. John has great knowledge in personality, leadership styles, and more and is a pleasant guy to top it off!"

Ryan Egan, Owner, Queen City Balloon Bar

The Journey

Your organization can be strong, healthy, and productive.


Transform Your Organization



Assess Your Health

For just $275 you will receive an analysis of each part of your organization. Included in the cost is a free one-hour coaching session with John to review the results.

Communicate a vision that galvanizes your teams. Ensure every employee understands their role in the your success or failure. Elevate the level of your leadership team. Watch your results consistently improve.


Develop a Plan

Identify what’s most important right now and how it will be achieved. Establish what needs to be done, by when, and who will accomplish it.

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